The difference between wealth and fulfillment is the client experience—something that is impossible to over-emphasize. Here's what the client experience means to each of us.

Managing Director - Investments
Managing Director - Investments

As a GSG client, you deserve objective advice from a team that is focused on helping you achieve your long-term goals. We listen and strive to completely understand your needs and goals before suggesting a plan.

Our clients should expect to have the best client service from a friendly, respectful team that will make sure to always follow up in a timely way, whether providing advice, processing a wire, or connecting with your accountant or lawyer. Someone on our team that you know will answer the phone when you call.

Collaboration is at the core of what we do. Each GSG member brings a unique set of strengths to bear for our clients. Equally important, each of us has a perspective on the world that is complementary to the rest of the team. We strongly believe that families and clients with multiple viewpoints at the table are best understood by a diverse, deep group of listeners. The Grinnell Souza Group combines its collective strengths and perspectives to serve our clients like their own dedicated Family Office.

You Deserve

A Personalized Approach.

A collaborative team can deliver a better client experience.

Fulfillment of Your Goals.

A comprehensive understanding of you, the client, is essential. It is our framework for your goals and your legacy.

Thoughtful Investing.

An investment process is only as good as its net tangible result. Fundamental principles, along with tax and cost efficiency, drive our approach.